BluesMundi - Live/Recording Artist

"Used to be a saying, the cheque is in the post,
Now it's all about the Bitcoin lost in cyber smoke"
'Red Bill Blues'

Raw, ragged, heartfelt, melancholy and often joyous modern 21st Century acoustic British blues.

BluesMundi sings about Nokia phones that don't go online, paying bills with Bitcoin, having a chip under your skin to get on a train and the joys of disconnecting from a network to talk face-to-face.

As well as the originators such as Charlie Patton, Mississippi John Hurt and the legendary Robert Johnson, BluesMundi is both inspired by and in thrall to British blues artists of the 60s like Peter Green's original Fleetwood Mac and John Mayall.

The debut album '21st Century Lambeth Blues' will be released summer 2019.

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