The Rockerati

You've heard of the Illuminati
You've seen the Glitterati
Say hello to the Rockerati...

Unashamedly mining a timeless musical seam and giving it a contemporary spin, The Rockerati's original tunes capture a fierce live energy in the studio and combine it with endless hooks and contemporary lyrical wry wit.

"Something new and urgent and rocking and fun"
Paul Cavalconte on WFUV

The Rockerati are David McCarthy (IDC/Salford Sorcerers) & Michael Horsham (Tomato/Johnny Conquest) on vocals, guitars and bass and Justin Welch (Elastica/Suede/Lush) on the drums.

Forget about 'rock' whether it's hard, soft, classic or heavy - this is rock and roll!

Email Jenny for all enquiries about The Rockerati

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