United Sounds of Europe - DJ/Producer

"A maverick masterstroke showing that dancefloor killers don't have to conform to any rules"
DJ Mag 'Moneyshot - single of the month'

United Sounds of Music DJ sets reflect a more than a decade of a hedonistic pursuit of dance music euphoria which has seen Angel Tripudio visit many of the world's most famous clubs, both behind the decks and as a fan on the dancefloor.

Recent single 'Superconscious' was the second USofE to be named DJ Mag 'single of the month'. It's a perfect example of the way Angel Tripudio pushes at any boundary he can hear, this time with a track that is designed to be played both forwards and backwards - palindromic dance music!

Previous USofE single "The Statute Of Anne" was named "Money Shot/Electro Single Of The Month" in DJ Mag and described as "a thunderous Mr Ozio style."

Before that "Colossus" received massive feedback with International DJ Magazine calling it "total DJ material" and debut single 'Yes' had Mixmag claiming it was "a slate of KLF-esque rave madness that'll have the kids stomping."

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