United Sounds of Europe - DJ/Producer

"A maverick masterstroke showing that dancefloor killers don't have to conform to any rules"
DJ Mag 'Moneyshot - single of the month'

United Sounds of Music DJ sets reflect more than a decade of a hedonistic pursuit of dance music euphoria which has seen Angel Tripudio visit many of the world's most famous clubs.

After a string of 'tune of the month' single reviews 2017's debut album 'Sexit' was called "Super upfront from pillar to post" by DJ Mag who reckoned it was full of "out-there sounds".

Recent single 'Superconscious' was the second USofE to be named DJ Mag 'single of the month'. It's a perfect example of the way Angel Tripudio pushes at any boundary he can hear, in this case with a track that is designed to be played both forwards and backwards - palindromic dance music!

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